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The Violet Veil

Kamala's Own Perfumery

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After the exertions of The Saffron Veil, it's time for our dancer to slow down and catch her breath for the grand finale of The Seventh Veil.  She executes a delicate grapevine step back and forth across her stage as she slowly unwinds The Violet Veil from her arms. Skillfully, she draws our attention to her snakelike arms as she arches and stretches her torso.  Her grace and mastery of this art form arouse both our bodies and our minds as we sway with the music and marvel at the timeless goddess power before our eyes.

The Violet Veil begins with a sweet, delicate blend of peaches and plum.  Then it lives up to its name with a waft of Violets, Lilacs, and other spring flowers. Finally, its subtle strength emerges in a base note of musks and dark Amber.