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Threshold aromatherapy blend

Kamala's Own

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Our approach to death is changing in these times. There is less fear and more acceptance; a desire to face this transition with love and ease. There is a movement towards a more earth-based transition and burial. There is a growing profession which is called a Death Midwife. This aromatherapy blend is meant to be included in a Death Midwife's supply kit. The essential oils in the blend help with comforting a soul who is about to transition. They include Myrrh, Attar of Rose from Bulgaria, Vetiver, and Yarrow.

As a Minister, and a Death Midwife, I use this oil to anoint the bodies of the dying and the dead as a Final Rite of Passage. Kamala has perfected the energy of that threshold space in this scent. It is a sacred, transformative experience.
If you'd like to know more about Death Midwifery, visit www.DeathMidwife.org.

—-AB, Wisconsin