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Treasured oil

Treasured oil

Kamala's Own

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  • Treasured is a blend I made to express that wonderful feeling of falling in love, when your beloved tells you how much you mean to him/her. When you feel treasured, your whole upper body feels warm and tingly, and you feel like the most valuable person in the world. This scent is a blend of both pure essential oils and fragrance oils. Some of its important ingredients are pure Sandalwood from Sri Lanka, Vanilla, Cocoa absolute. 
  •  I have many scents created by Kamala ~ but my absolute favorite, my signature scent is hands down Treasured. It is warm and sweet, yet fruity with notes of chocolate, vanilla and pomegranate. Perfect for day or a night on the town. It's happiness in a bottle for me!!Please don't ever stop making this delicious scent!! —KM, Illinois