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Untamed Jasmine

Untamed Jasmine

Kamala's Own

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When you talk to authors, you often hear them say that a character in their books wrote themselves; that the voice was clear in the author’s head, demanding to be written in a specific manner. This was the case with my creation of Untamed Jasmine. I had originally intended to make a sort of green forest jasmine blend. However, then I started blending and the scent took a different direction. It wanted to be a wild floral  with  overtones of water and spices. It took longer to create than I thought it would. The final ingredients were tricky and slow to reveal themselves. 

Untamed Jasmine begins with an untidy mob of plum and spices. It develops into a brash Jasmine swimming in a rolling river. Finally, it settles into a surprisingly gentle blend of earthy musks.