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Kamala's Own Perfumery

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Unleash your inner goddess with Freya, the Norse deity of love, sensuality, and war. With her magical abilities and chariot drawn by cats, she is not one to be toyed with. As a skilled practitioner of a type of magic called seidr, she weaves fate and victory. She is adorned with her signature amber necklace Brisingamen and can fly with her cloak made of falcon feathers.  
Her name is actually a title, meaning ‘Lady,’ which has evolved into the modern German ‘frau’ meaning Mrs.  Although her beauty is highly praised, she is known for being cunning and intelligent.   She can be capricious and manipulative, but she is also seductive and powerful. Freya is a warrior goddess with prodigious battle skills. She honors some of the battle dead by taking them into her spacious hall known as Folkvang. 

My blend for Freya entices you in with a touch of the magickal herb Mugwort and a hint of Catnip. It continues the enchantment with Elder flower and dew kissed grass. Finally, it develops into a cunning blend of Ambers and Musks. Ride through the heavens with Freya today!