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Whovian Sampler Pack

Kamala's Own

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This sampler pack contains six samples of scents inspired by the BBC program Doctor Who.


Gallifrey—This is an intensely smoky blend filled with resins, roots, and vetiver, designed to evoke the exotic, alien, and timeless home of the Doctor from the BBC's Doctor Who.

Madame Vastra—In Doctor Who, Madame Vastra is the skilled and deadly warrior woman of Silurian origin (AKA 'lizard woman from the dawn of time') who has established herself in Victorian London as a sleuth and crime fighter. She is smart, savvy, elegant, and quite in love with her human wife Jenny. In the Whovian universe, she is the model for Sherlock Holmes. In my blend for her, I have incorporated Victorian flowers like Lavender and Violet with Leather and earthy Vetiver to evoke her spirit.


  • Hell in High Heels—Another in my expanding line of Doctor Who blends, Hell in High Heels is made for everybody's favorite psychopath River Song. The principal note in this blend is Narcissus, but it is a riotous mixture of musks and flowers designed to bring out supreme confidence and earthy sexuality in all women.


  • Old Type 40—An homage to Doctor Who, Tea, Ambergris, Rose, Darbar, and Indonesian Sandalwood combine with woody and ethereal notes to create the scent whose nickname has already become “Kamala’s Tardis.”


Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey—The ultimate mashup of the time-space continuum, this ‘Doctor Who’ inspired scent blends rich resins with unexpected twists of fresh country herbs, Spruce, and of course, Thyme.


  • Regeneration—An explosion of life and a renewal of consciousness, this Doctor Who inspired scent shimmers with fire, saffron, and citrus notes.  Reinvent yourself in your own image with this invigorating scent!