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Kamala's Own Perfumery

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It has been locked up for centuries. It has forgotten what the world looks like. It yearns to burn in the sunlight. It desires human conversation, stimulation, and touch. It may be an ancient pagan god but it can’t remember time, morality, or structure. 

You have unlocked the spell which binds this magical being called genie by some, ifrit  by others, shedim by yet others.  This one says its name is Yfryty (pronounced “eeefreeeteee”). It also says it has many names and many forms. It has hooves for feet but the rest of its form seems to change  every time you look at it. Sometimes it is beautiful and sometimes it is hideous. It wants to protect you but you intuit that this protection comes with a price. 

Myrrh, Oud, Cinnamon, and Smoke invoke this ancient desert spirit. Will you have the courage to engage with it?