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Grapefruit, Pink (Citrus paradisii) non-sprayed South Africa

Grapefruit, Pink (Citrus paradisii) non-sprayed South Africa

Kamala's Own

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Grapefruit is an excellent general stimulant, and can really be a boon to those who have trouble crawling out of bed in the morning.

 Externally, Grapefruit is very good for the skin. It can rejuvenate dull, lifeless, oily skin and control outbreaks of acne. Blended into massage oil, Grapefruit tones the muscles and acts as a diuretic, reducing the appearance of cellulite and helping with weight loss. This uplifting essential oil is recommended for exercise preparation, as it can ease performance stress. After a workout, a massage with Grapefruit oil reduces muscle fatigue by stimulating circulation.

 The refreshing scent of Grapefruit essential oil evokes a lust for life and a feeling of euphoric self-esteem. It especially helps dispel feelings of anger and disappointment, imparting a lightness of spirit which we can all use from time to time.

 Always dilute your essential oils in an unscented carrier oil like Sesame or Jojoba. Do not take essential oils internally. Alrefresways store essential oils out of heat and sunlight.  Keep essential oils away from children under the age of 8 and pregnant women.

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